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Disney Crossy Road: How to get Hamm for free

Disney Crossy Road is a Disneyfied take on the original Crossy Road, with loads of worlds from the Disney universe, and loads of characters as well. You can get common, rare, epic and legendary characters, and even mystery characters that can’t be unlocked in the gacha. Hamm is the only character in the entire game who can earn you more coins. Read on for info on how to get Hamm for free in Disney Crossy Road!

The reason that Hamm is so special is that you can get red coins when you have Hamm. Red coins are worth five coins apiece. You don’t need to be playing as Hamm to get red coins, either; as long as you HAVE Hamm, that’s enough to be able to earn red coins.

Hamm is, in fact, the only character in the entire game with a rarity of legendary, from the moment that this article was written. There are many characters in the game that are common, rare, classic or epic, but Hamm is the only legendary one.

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What the rarity refers to is the chances of earning said character when you spin the wheel of the gacha, or the gumball machine. You have a higher chance of earning a common character, slightly lower chance of earning a rare, an even lower chance of earning a classic, and an even lower chance of earning an epic. You have a VERY low chance of earning a legendary.

That’s just it though. You CAN earn Hamm, and you can earn him through the most ordinary of methods: the gacha machine. Chances are VERY low of earning Hamm through the machine, but it’s still possible, so keep spinning the machine and Hamm will eventually appear. The luckier you are, the sooner he will appear.

If you get impatient and are sick of waiting for the gacha to give you Hamm, you can always just spend the $3.99 necessary (or whatever the price is locally for you) in order to get Hamm. That’s a much quicker way to earn Hamm than spinning the gacha over and over is, even though the gacha can earn you Hamm for free.

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