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Disney Crossy Road: How to unlock the secret mystery characters, page 4

Deanna (Wreck it Ralph): Complete the Citizens of Niceland set in order to get Deanna. This essentially consists of everybody from the Fix it Felix game in the movie.

Rancis Fluggerbutter (Wreck it Ralph): Complete the Sugar Rush set to get Rancis. This consists of everybody from Princess Vanellope’s game in the movie Wreck it Ralph.

Don (Wreck it Ralph): Complete the Short and Stout set in order to get Don. Once this set is done, then you will automatically unlock Don.

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Mother Gothel (Tangled): Complete the Feels Good to be Bad set to unlock Mother Gothel. This consists of both Stabbington brothers.

Rapunzel Braided (Tangled): Complete the Tangled Heroes set to get Rapunzel Braided. This likely of Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Pascal and Maximus. Compete this set in any order that you want to in order to get Rapunzel Braided.

The King (Tangled): Complete the Honorable Men set. This consists of Hook Hand, Attila, Vlad and Ulf. Once this set is complete, the King is yours.

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