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Disney Crossy Road: How to unlock the secret mystery characters, page 7

The Jungle Book update has seen many new secret characters added to Disney Crossy Road, not all of which are related to The Jungle Book, either. This is an example of ones that are not. Credit to DaMobileMob on Youtube for cracking these unlocks.

Fifi (Mickey and Friends) First, unlock Pluto in the Mickey and Friends world. Then collect 50 bones. It doesn’t matter if you do this over one play through or multiple play throughs. After you do this, you will unlock Fifi.

Mint in the Box Prospector (Toy Story): First, unlock Jessie and the Prospector, then play through as Jessie until you find the Prospector box. Jump through it and you will collect it. Now die, and when you do, you will unlock Mint in a Box Prospector.

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Horn Player (Haunted Mansion): Play as Hook Hand from Tangled and play 10 pianos. This can be in the span of multiple runs. After you do this, die and you will unlock the Horn Player.

Ezra Beane (Haunted Mansion): play as Professor Phineas Plump and get the suit of armor to chase you, then escape from it. Do this a total of 25 times. After the last time, die and you will unlock Ezra Beane.

Stay tuned as more updates show up for this game. We will continue to post up all of the new secret characters!

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