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Disney Crossy Road: Secret Character Unlocks (Alice Through the Looking Glass update), page 1

Disney Crossy Road has just received a massive new update to go with the new Disney movie, Alice Through The Looking Glass. An entirely new world has been added specifically for this game, as have a ton of new characters, but never fear – we are loaded up with a bunch of new figurines from other games as well, including Hipster Whale’s famous secret hidden characters. Read on for a guide on how to unlock all of the new hidden mascots in Disney Crossy Road!

Scar (The Lion King) – This one is easy and is hinted at by the developers. Unlock Mufasa, then play as him and charge right into a wildebeest stampede and die. Once you die you will unlock Scar right away.

Fred’s Dad (Big Hero 6) – Play as Fred and jump 250 times in one round. After you do this and then die and you will unlock Fred’s Dad in the Big Hero 6 world.

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Yama (Big Hero 6) – Play as Hiro Hamada and jump 50 times in 15 seconds. After you do this, die and you will unlock Yama.

Frank (Inside Out) – Play as Dave and go through the level until you find Bing Bong. Catch Bing Bong and then die and you will unlock Frank.

Humpty Dumpty (Alice Through the Looking Glass) – Unlock every character in the Wonderland Heroes set including Doormouse, Mad Hatter, Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dumb, Alice, White Rabbit, Alice, March Hare and Absolem. Once you do this, die and you’ll unlock Humpty Dumpty.

Vegetable Servant (Alice Through the Looking Glass) – Unlock every character in the Born to Serve set, including Butler, Maid, Rafiki, Frock Deliveryman and Imaginary Boyfriend. The next time you die you will unlock Vegetable Servant.

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