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Disney Emoji Blitz – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Disney Emoji Blitz is a new puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms based on the original Emoji Blitz. This match-three affair has you making combinations and clearing special pieces to get the highest score that you can within the sixty seconds that you are given to play. You can pick an emoji companion for a special power, and then power it up to earn even moe points, and compete globally or against your friends for the highest scores. Read on for some tips and tricks for Disney Emoji Blitz!

Each time that you play the game, you lose one life, and then when you run out of lives you either have to spend gems or wait for the lives to regenerate on their own. Your other option is to do the time lapse cheat, but it works differently in this game than it does in most games. Set the time on your phone ahead by an hour or so and then go back to the game. You won’t get any lives from doing this; however, set the time back to normal and open the game back up and you will regain your lives.

You can make three different special pieces on the board. The thundercloud piece appears when you clear four pieces in a row and clears one row of emojis. The sun appears when you clear out five pieces in an L or T and clears two lines at once, crosswise from each other. The star clears out all of one emoji.

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For maximum effect, mix more than one of these special pieces together. If you mix a star with a special piece it will transform all of one emoji into that same special piece. If you mix two stars together you’ll clear the whole board. Mix two thunderclouds, two suns, or one sun and one thundercloud together to clear out large combinations of lines at a time.

You will get a set of four missions at a time. Play until you complete all of these missions as when you do, there will be huge rewards in store for you, such as 10,000 coins at a time. Once you complete a set of missions it will be a little bit of time until you receive the next set, but once you do, start working on those ones as well.

Each time that you play, not only will your active emoji gain experience, but so will the ones that you are not using at the moment. Still, switch up the choice of which emoji you pick even if you really like the one you are using, just so you have a grasp on how each of them works.