Disney Heroes: Battle Mode – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is a new RPG for the iOS and Android platforms featuring loads of Disney and Pixar heroes, and even villains, in a Heroes Charge-style RPG. You can build a party out of your heroes and villains, equip, promote and upgrade them, and unlock loads of new game modes and areas as you level up your party. Read on for some tips and tricks for Disney Heroes: Battle Mode!

From the beginning, you can mostly just manage your heroes and participate in campaign battles, but with level-ups, you can find a lot more to do. PvP teams of 3 can be unlocked at the Coliseum at level 44. The Market allows you to buy and sell items starting at level 2. Team Trials unlock at level 20. Guild play unlocks at level 15, and battles at The Port unlock at Level 14. Hero friendship level 5 unlocks missions, and Creep Surge unlocks at team level 30.

Beyond that are even more modes. City Watch allows you to win gold, tokens, and more in endless battles beginning at level 25. The arena introduced head-to-head battles against other players beginning at level 10. Enhancement lets you power up your badges beginning at level 35. The black market contains mid-level items and can be found after level 31, randomly. Rankings unlock at level 10, and high-level items can be bought at the Mega Mart, which pops up randomly beginning at level 41.

To increase your team level extremely quickly, go back to levels where you have already achieved a three-star rating and raid them. Spread your raids around multiple levels so that you can earn the most diverse batch of badges that you can. Then equip your badges onto your characters. When a character has all six badge slots full, you can promote them to the next rarity tier (from white to green, for example), which makes the badges disappear but increases every possible character stat.

Once a character promotes to green or higher, you have to craft some of their badges. You’ll have more than enough coins to make it work, but you’ll need three lower badges to craft a higher badge. Seek out the locations of the lower badges, play the campaign levels until you earn them, then go back to the badge list and craft your higher-level badge for the specific character.

Your skills won’t be enough to win when you get to tougher battles, so keep them upgraded as much as possible. You can upgrade them to match the level of your character, and you have skill points that regenerate after four minutes each once you use them. More skills will unlock as you promote characters to new rarity levels.