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Dizzy Knight: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategy Guide

Dizzy Knight is a new game for the iOS and Android that is both a good roguelike and a parody of 8-bit and 16-bit RPGs. Your goal here is to get as far as you can through as many levels as possible, beating tougher and tougher enemies and bosses, and pick up power-ups to help you get even further. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dizzy Knight!

If you simply hit start from the home screen, you’ll start in the default game mode, but explore around for a little bit, and you will find other options. You can play the level-based campaign mode, or the endless mode. You can choose from the default control scheme, in which you tap and drag to change direction, or you can choose tilt mode, where you tilt the phone to move the knight.

To minimize the damage you take, take care to make sure that you hit enemies with the weapon, not with your body. If you run into enemies with your body, you’ll knock them out, but you’ll take damage too. If you hit them with your weapon, the only damage that is done will be to the enemies.

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Don’t just hit enemies, though, make sure that you run into obstacles, as well, such as trees and stone blocks. If you hit them, you’ll earn points and earn rewards, such as silver and gold rupees. Don’t let them distract you to the point of taking damage, but run into them whenever possible.

Try out all of the different skills/powers that you have available so that you know which ones you like better and can fit them into your gameplan. Right from the beginning, you can either choose the lightning bolt ability or the blocking ability. You can use the ability an unlimited number of times, giving you a big advantage if you’re able to fit it into your gameplan properly.

Bosses are a completely different animal than a regular enemy. After about ten levels, you’ll fight the first boss, and then every ten levels after that. Watch the pattern of the boss, and watch what they do after you hit them. Predict the pattern of their attacks, and then avoid their attacks so that you can keep hitting them until they are defeated.


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