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DNCE (mobile game) – Tips and Tricks Guide: Cheats, Hints, and Strategies

DNCE is a new mobile game based off of the hit pop group, also called DNCE. Your goal is to jump from balloon to balloon to progress from level to level, collecting stars and using your boosts to get you through tougher levels. You can win stars, power-ups, and even raffles for bonuses from the band DNCE itself, such as a free private concert. Read on for some tips and tricks for DNCE the game!

At the beginning of the level, the screen will be zoomed out and you will be able to see almost all of the balloons on the level. It doesn’t last long, but use the short moment to scan them and see what their positions are before it’s zoomed back in. Start scanning at the top and then work your way down to see what all you have to work with on the current level.

Each round that you play uses one life. Lives are the energy of the game, and each one takes about five minutes to restore. If you run out of lives, then go to the date and time settings on your phone and set the time ahead by an hour or so, then go back to the game and all of your lives will be restored.

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This can be done as many times as you want to do it. Then go back to the date and time settings once you see your lives get restored, and set the time back to normal. Now, go back to the game and you will see that all of your energy that you got from the time lapse cheat will still be there. Yo can use this as many times as you want to keep playing for an unlimited amount of time, essentially.

Stars are the currency of the game, and they are used for purchasing power-ups such as the toothbrush and parachute, as well as other things. If you want to get free stars, go to the stars IAP store and watch a video to earn 25 free stars by tapping on the “free stars” button. This is the quickest way to earn more stars, but you can also collect them in the levels themselves.

If you need to earn more points to hit the three stars, zig-zag back and forth or around the level before you go all the way to the top, so that you can get more points. Flashing balloons are worth 2 points. Spend 150 stars on a 3x multiplier to get double the points per balloon (including 4 points per flashing balloon).