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Dodgeball Duel: Skins Guide: How to unlock all secret skins

Dodgeball Duel pits you against another character in an interesting and entertaining twist on the Pong game, where you and the other character throw balls at each other, trying to hit each other. You can unlock a ton of skins, many of which are available to purchase, but many of which require specific actions to unlock. Read on for tips on unlocking every new character in Dodgeball Duel!

Martial Artist: Beat level 2 – make it past all of the bosses on that level.
Forsaken Knight: Beat level 4 to unlock this one.
Mad Scientist: Beat level 9 to get this one.
Tiger: Complete level 14 to get the tiger.

Cyclops: To get this one, beat level 19.
The Chosen Dude: To get this, beat level 24.
Samurai: Complete level 29 for this one.
Sheriff: Beat level 34 to get this one.

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Fox: Complete level 39 for this one.
Pirate Captain: To get this one, beat level 44.
Elven Archer: Perform 20 Max Serves total. To get a Max Serve, fill the power bar all the way to the top when it’s your turn to serve.
Elven Ranger: Perform a total of 80 Max Serves.

Green Dragon: Perform 20 Special Shots. To perform a Special Shot, unlock the Way of the Apprentice skill by beating level 2.
Red Dragon: Perform a total of 80 Special Shots. Same tips as above for when it comes to how to get the Special Shot.

Apprentice: Collect 15 Collect Charge Ups. They’ll start appearing when you unlock the Trickster skill at level 3, which will unlock the Charge Power Up.
Mage: Collect a total of 60 Collect Charge Ups. Same tips as above as far as how to actually get the Charge Up.


Tuesday 12th of April 2022