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Does Not Commute – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Does Not Commute is a unique and hilarious strategic driving game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to control an entire commute, including every single commuter on the route. This means that a short relaxing drive will quickly turn into a charlie foxtrot as the town loads up with sliding, speeding cars driving like maniacs and trying to get wherever they are going with whatever strange problems are on their minds. Read on for some tips and tricks for Does Not Commute!

As you beat more and more stages you unlock various power ups, such as a turbocharger or traction control. Generally, though, these will buff one stat and nerf another stat, and for most stages that you play, you will be better off not using any of them, instead using the stock setup. Some situations will be helped with the boosts, though; for example, use the turbochargers on a completely straight path.

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Crashing is going to slow you down massively, so if you crash, take the one-second penalty and rewind that car rather than losing ten seconds or more due to losing massive amounts of speed in your car. One second is much easier to make up, whereas ten to fifteen seconds is much more difficult to make up. Take the small loss rather than the big loss.

Make sure to collect every single one of the time boosters that you can find. The time boosters will add 10 seconds, usually, but some add 20 seconds. The number inside of the orange circle will tell you how many seconds are added.

Cross over dirt roads and other shortcuts as often as you can. Each one will typically only cut off a few seconds at a time compared to the given route, but many of them taken together will save a ton of time, giving you a lot of time at the beginning of the next round post-checkpoint. And since the time that you have after the checkpoint is the time that you are given every time that you come back to it, that’s rather important to have.

Even though the stories have no relevance whatsoever to what is going on in the game, be sure to read them anyways. Read them if for no other reason then that they are just hilarious to read. Whoever wrote the dialog for this game should be a comedy writer.