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Dog Evolution – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Dog Evolution is a new clicker game by Cartoon Mobile for the iOS and Android platforms in which you run a farm full of dogs, and your goal is to raise them up from being normal, garden-variety dogs to huge, creative mutants who are intimidating, yet still cute. Of course, your goal is also to earn as much money as possible while you do this, as well as collect diamonds and earn upgrades. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dog Evolution!

Right off the bat, you should purchase the tractor upgrade, which allows you to still earn money even after you sign offline, first for 2 hours, then for increasingly long periods of time with every successive upgrade that you buy. Your earnings will be equal to your coins per second for as long as the tractor runs for.

If you want to earn even more coins while your phone or tablet is sitting, set it so that sleep mode is disabled (your phone will stay on the same screen for as long as you leave it sitting) and leave the game running on the screen with the highest available dogs. As they poop, you earn coins, and the higher the dog evolution, the more coins that they will earn you, so you can nearly double your income this way for an indefinite period.

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Diamonds are the premium currency of the game, and if you want to earn more diamonds, normally, you have to purchase them from within the app. Other options include going to the IAP store and hitting the free diamond option. This will start an advertisement video, and when the video is done you will get one diamond as a bonus.

Rate the game for a free diamond update, but only when the game prompts you to. Also, oftentimes a card will appear and when it does, tap it. If it is a card with a bonus, watching an ad video will double the bonus instantly. If it is a card with a debuff or a negative effect, watching a video will cause the debuff to disappear.

Buy the bone upgrade and bones will start dropping at random. When they do, you will get a special bonus. Red bones will cause animals to poop at super speed, earning you massive amounts of coins. White bones will give you a huge bonus when merging dogs together, while blue will give you bonus diamonds.