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Donald’s Empire – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Donald’s Empire is a new clicker/swiper game for the iOS and Android platforms with a strong similarity to the game Make It Rain. Your goal is to swipe money to make it rain and collect it, then use the money to purchase upgrades to your business, your construction ability and your vault so that you can earn money automatically, and do so while you are offline, thus enriching your little Donald Trump-lookalike. Read on for some tips and tricks for Donald’s Empire!

Once you get a little bit farther into the game, you will need to wait for just a little while after purchasing various upgrades in order for them to show up (epsecially in the vault, which deals with your offline earnings). After purchasing the item, the waiting countdown will begin. Go to the date and time settings and set the time ahead on your phone, then go back to the game and you will earn it right away.

Even better is that you can go back to the setting whenever you just want to fill up the vault right away. Set the time ahead by the right amount (depends on the hourly earnings and the vault capacity) and you will earn your cash right away. Do this as many times as you want to load up massively on quick, free cash.

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Want to make it a little bit easier to swipe? Simply turn the phone upside down and swipe down, since it tends to be easier to speed-swipe downwards instead of upwards. The faster you swipe, the more of a multiplier you will get, up to a multiplier of 5x for sustaining the maximum swipe speed for a good amount of time.

Ads pop up sometimes, but all you have to do to get them to stop is put the phone in airplane mode. Turn off the auto-sleep on the screen of your phone and leave the game active on the screen and cash will keep building up endlessly. You can plug the phone in and leave it running indefinitely and earn gigantic amounts of cash.

At any point in time, you can choose to watch an ad and get a 2x multiplier for everything you do. The bonus only lasts for five minutes though, so you will have to keep watching ads over and over in order to make it a bonus that you can sustain for awhile, and that can be a little bit too tedious to be worth it.