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Don’t Fall (Ketchapp) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, High Score, and Strategy Guide

Don’t Fall is Ketchapp’s latest endless running game for the iPhone and Android platforms. Your goal here is to keep your ball, character, or whatever you’re using, from falling off of its path. It’ll walk on the path regardless of what’s there, so to protect it from falling you have to move platforms and make a straight path for the ball to roll on. Read on for some tips and tricks for Don’t Fall!

You get one point for each platform that you move, and as you get further into a level, the platforms will get more and more numerous. Use both thumbs when the platforms start to come along quickly, so that you can keep up with them. They can start to be a bit much with just one finger.

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You’ll get a free gift every once in awhile that will give you enough gems for a new character. Also, every so often after you die a video icon will pop up. Every time you tap it to watch a video, you will get 20 free gems. The gems add up over time, allowing you to purchase new characters. The characters all perform the same but they can give a different look to the game.

In addition, the further that you can get on each stage, the more gems that you will earn. Work on going the farthest distance possible and the gems will take care of themselves. You’ll generally earn on average about 1 gem for every 3 points you get, although that number will change a bit as you get further into the round.

Don’t worry about it too much if you accidentally slide a platform the wrong way. You can slide it back the way it came from, and if you slide it in that direction twice you’ll connect it to the path and link it successfully. You just have to be extremely quick about it.

Check the Game Center or Google Play scoreboard whenever you want to compare your high score to the best players in the world. Skip past all of the high scores that look extremely unrealistic because they are from hackers and cheaters. Skip instead to the scores that look difficult but realistic as these are the real high scores in the game.