Don’t Step The White Tile – How To Do The Unlimited High Score Cheat

Don’t Step The White Tile is the original tile-crossing game, inspiring games such as Piano Tiles that have combined with the original to take over the top charts on the App Store. This glitch allows you to get an unlimited score without any hacks. Read on for the unlimited score cheat in Don’t Step The White Tile!

This trick requires you to be in either StoppingJust mode, where you have to go ten seconds and then stop before the timer runs out, or LongRun mode, where you have to hit fifty tiles to get ten more seconds to play. This is the first trick. First, open up your Date and Time settings for your phone or your tablet. Leave them as is for now.

Then go to Don’t Step the White Tile and start the game. Tap on one or two tiles, then immediately go back to the date and time settings and set the time backward by an hour or two, or by a day, depending on how much time you want. Then you’ll have an almost unlimited amount of seconds left to play the stage, so take all the time that you want.

For Time Attack, your goal is to finish in the shortest amount of time possible. Do the same thing here. Have the date and time settings open, then go back to the app and start playing in this mode.

Now, go back to the date and time settings, after you begin the game, and set the time backwards. When you finish stepping on all fifty tiles, the game will be over. Your time will be a negative number of seconds, depending on how far you set the time back. Setting it back one hour is equal to about 3,600 seconds. Set it back a day or a month to put the score off the charts.

Of course, if you want to time it so you have the lowest possible positive time score, start the game and then time it yourself. Hit 49 tiles, and then go to the date and time and set the time back by one minute. Wait until one minute and less than one second, then hit the last tile and you will finish the stage. Your score will be 1 second or less if you do this.