Don’t Step The White Tile – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Don’t Step The White Tile is an extremely simple and extremely difficult new game for the iOS and Android platforms. It’s a Japanese game with Japanese ads and odd translations, and your goal is to (as the title says) don’t step on the white tile. There are many challenges to accomplish in this game, all of which are extremely difficult. Read on for some tips and tricks for Don’t Step The White Tile!

The main challenge in the game is Time Attack, which means that you have to cross the tiles as quickly as possible. Your goal is to go fifty steps as quickly as possible in this one. A time under fifteen seconds is considered good; a time under ten seconds is considered amazing.

LongRun is a mode where you have to go as far as you can in ten seconds. If you go fifty steps in less than ten seconds, though, you will add another ten seconds to your time, and every fifty steps adds another ten seconds, so it is theoretically possible to go for an unlimited amount of time. This is the only mode in the game where it is possible to extend your time.

StoppingJust is a challenge where you go as many steps as possible in ten seconds, but you have to stop before the time is up. If you are still moving when the time is up, you fail, so if you can’t figure out why you keep failing, you have to be stopped before the time is up.

Like many of the “simple yet difficult” games, take a break if you find yourself getting way too frustrated, because if you do, you will often double-tap a step by accident, causing yourself to fail early. You want to play as much as possible while still keeping a balance to ward off the frustration.

If you want to get rid of the ads (they’re all in Japanese anyways so they are useless unless you can read Japanese), turn the phone or tablet into Airplane mode or cut off the WiFi and the cellular data. Playing the game ad free makes it a slight bit easier because you won’t have the distractions of the ads; however, this game is still hard as hell to play, regardless of ads or no ads.

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