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This is one of the smoother variations in the App Store when it comes to the “White Tile” concept. If you want to get better immediately at this game, download one of the jerkier variations of the game (such as Don’t Tap The White Tile 2: A New Season) and play that for awhile, then go back to this one, and you will be amazed at how much smoother this one plays, and at how much better you are at this one.

Alternately, being that Don’t Touch The White Tile has the dollar signs in the middle of the black tiles, play any variation of the game that doesn’t have the dollar signs, and then come back and play this one. The icons inside of the black tiles make it far easier to maintain your focus on the black tiles, especially after playing a game such as Piano Tiles.

Zen mode can be especially frustrating because if you don’t make it through all thirty seconds of the tiles, then you won’t get scored and you won’t get a rank in Game Center. Do your fastest tapping in the first twenty to 25 seconds of playing in this mode, then slow it down to ensure that you don’t misstep a tile in the last section of the stage (the time when you are the most likely to do so).

Want to get the ads to stop showing up? Throw your phone or tablet into Airplane Mode in order to make the game go ad-free. The entire game is an offline experience, except for the ads because those require an internet connection in order to load up.

Use a song rhythm to regulate your tapping in the Arcade mode. The tiles move at almost the exact same pace as the beat for “Master of Puppets” by Metallica, so that’s a good one. A rhythm in your head will also help greatly with regulating your tapping speed in Classic and Zen modes, thereby drastically improving your score.

Make sure that your tap always is on the second row from the bottom – never on the bottom row, which consists of tiles that you have already tapped. If you tap any row other than the second row, the game won’t register that tap at all.

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