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Donut Dazzle – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Donut Dazzle is a new puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms that plays much like the classic Dr. Mario. Your goal is to match donuts, get to the highest level that you can, and also complete goals so that you can earn coffee and donuts. Coffee and donuts will allow you to buy all sorts of power-ups that will help you stay alive as the levels speed up. Read on for some tips and tricks for Donut Dazzle!

Donuts start off moving slowly but they get faster and faster as you move up to higher levels. At any level, though, donuts will stop moving downward if you tap the screen rapidly. Tap rapidly to give yourself some time to think while you’re deciding which direction to turn the donut. Just don’t overuse this when the stack gets high and the going gets too fast.

Swiping down will cause the donuts to fall rapidly, but this is a notoriously hard thing to do because of the poor touch detection in the game. You have to swipe fast to get it to work. Also, swiping in the middle, rather than towards the sides, bottom or top of the screen, will make it so that the game reads your swipes more readily.

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Each time you play you have a specific goal to complete, and if you meet that goal, you will earn coffee and donuts. Another way to earn coffee and donuts is to go to the store menu. Look to the right of the bundle, donuts and no-ads options and you will see “watch” in exchange for either coffee or donuts. You can watch coffee videos once every hour. Donut videos are a little more frequent.

Coffee can buy you various power-ups, items and themes. Power-ups and items help during play, and can sometimes be found while you are playing as well. Themes change the appearance of the game, and cost more coffee than the boosts do. No matter what the theme is though, they all play similarly.

You can either spend donuts to get a power-up before a stage begins, or you can watch a video in order to get a free power-up. The video will only work in an area where you have a good internet connection. If you don’t, it will tell you that the video is loading whenever you click it, until you move to an area with a better connection.