Donuts Drift: Top Tips and Cheats for High Scores

Donuts Drift is a new drifting and gymkhana game by Voodoo for the iOS and Android platforms set against a black-and-white background. Your goal is to drift around as many circles as you can, maintain your fuel for as long as possible and score points and earn coins. You can upgrade your car, and you can even earn new cars. Read on for some tips and tricks for Donuts Drift!

Aim right at the right or left corner of the small circle at first, then when you start to approach it, turn to face it. You want to make the tightest drift possible in order to conserve fuel and to earn that coveted perfect drift score. Don’t hit the circle as that will force you to recalibrate your car. Keep your car facing the circle as it spins for the tightest possible drift.

You can earn money by collecting the coins, and the more coins you catch around each circle, the more points you earn per drift. Look out for the dollar bills to appear when you move from one circle to another. When you catch a dollar bill, you’ll earn 100 coins, and if you make a habit of doubling your earnings at the end of every level with the video ad offer, that’s 200 coins.

Upgrade your car as often as possible. The fuel tank and fuel usage upgrades will increase the length of time that you can do a run for, but you still have to drift accurately to go for as long as possible. Rank bonus and offline bonus will earn you more money. Rank bonus will give you more cash for each run that you complete as a specific rank, and offline bonus will increase earnings per minute by a multiple of 25%.

You can cheat your way to earning as much money as you want to. All that you have to do is to close out of the game, then go to the date and time settings on your phone and set the time ahead by however long you want to. Now reopen the game and you will earn all of the offline earnings that you would have earned in the amount of time that you cheated off the game.

Complete the missions to earn a lot of rank points, and earn rank points to increase your overall rank. When your rank increases, you will unlock a new car, you’ll get an instant bonus of your new rank times 100, and you’ll earn a bonus amount of points and coins every time that you complete a run. In addition to completing the missions, you’ll earn rank points each time you complete a drift run, so play as often as possible to maximize the amount of points that you earn.