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Doraemon Gadget Rush – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Doraemon Gadget Rush is a new puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms by Animoca. It plays in a six-sided grid, like a slightly more organized version of LINE Disney Tsum Tsum, and your goal is to score as many points as possible within the given amount of time. You can also use the bells, acorns and other goodies that you buy to upgrade your characters and give you a slight advantage in-game. Read on for some tips and tricks for Doraemon Gadget Rush!

While you can make some seriously huge combos in this game, your best bet is to make speedy combos, one after the other instead. Look at the top right corner of the screen during the game to see the combo meter; make sure that you don’t let it run empty. When you get a big enough combo you’ll go into fever mode, which creates a ring of cleared shapes around any shape that you clear, earning you big points.

As you increase your high score more and more, and rack up more total points, you’ll unlock better and better weapons. When two or more of these weapons end up next to each other on the game board, then tap one of them to use their ability in the game. After you unlock a new one, then you have to manually equip it, but when you do you’ll see it start popping up on the game board. Tapping a weapon is a quick and easy way to extend a combo.

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When you go to the in app purchase menu, go to the bell area and you’ll be able to watch a video by hitting the “free” button. When you finish the video, you will earn a free bell. Bells are the premium currency of the game and are required in order to buy more characters, so if you want to load up on the characters, load up on the bells. Watching videos might be a bit tedious but it’s free. Gaining levels will also earn you 5x free bells per level.

When you get a big block of the same icon on the board, instead of snaking through and making them into one huge combo, knock out three or four of them at a time so that you can make speedy combos and get fever mode that much more quickly. A load of quick succession 3-tile and 4-tile combos can throw you into fever mode 4-6 times per game, which can allow you to very easily set new high scores over and over. The more that you practice at it, the easier it becomes.

In addition, when you get a higher score, you get a better shot at winning something good on the gadget draw. Save your acorns so that you can re-spin when you have a really good gadget draw, because then you will have a much better shot at landing new weapons, and even new characters.