Doraemon Repair Shop – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Doraemon Repair Shop is a new time management game featuring everyone’s favorite anime cat and friends. Your goal is to get as many repairs done as you can and to keep your customer as happy as possible while earning as much money as possible, as well as unlocking new characters and new stations. Read on for some tips and tricks for Doraemon Repair Shop!

The game is fairly simple – in fact, it actually plays just like Diner Dash and its numerous clones. The stations are color coded, so put people at the station that they want to go to, and then when they have a pink exclamation mark over their heads, tap them in order to get their repairs done.

When someone’s icon begins to change shape and become sharp-edged with a red outline, then put them first, because they’re irritated and they are about to walk out if they don’t get help. Watch out for people who have a stool icon above their head, as that means that they are out of seats and they want to sit down.

Use the Dorayaki that you earn in order to upgrade all of your stations so that you can serve people faster out of them and so that you can earn more money for each person that you serve. Don’t worry about your cash register for now as that will take a LOT of Dorayaki to level up. Focus on buying the missing stations and then on upgrading them once you have them.

Bells are the premium currency of the game. Go to the IAP store and not only can you purchase bells, but you have the option to complete offers in order to earn free bells as well. Use the bells to purchase Sneech initially as he will be very cheap to hire, but the next cheapest is Goody, which costs 300 bells, which is quite a bit more, so go with just Sneech for quite awhile.

Change the speed of the game all the way down to 1 (default is 2) to make it as easy to keep up as possible. However, set it to 4 or 5 if you are grinding on an easy stage in order to earn more Dorayaki so that you can purchase upgrades.

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