Dot Up! – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Dot Up! is a new game for the iOS platform that can best be described by the cliche “vertical Flappy Bird” except this time, the statement is actually true. You play as a big white dot and your goal is to get through as many gates as possible, with each one being worth one point. Oh, and the obstacles change as you go, getting tougher and tougher. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dot Up!

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You have to take your time in order to go far in this game. Always be looking ahead at the next gate and trying to get a glance at it as soon as you can. Then plan out your next taps so that you don’t rush too fast and end up whacking your ball on the very next gate.

When you are waiting for a gate to move the right way so that you can pass it, wait until the ball is as far down on the screen as possible to tap and jump. Don’t wait for too long, though, or else you will end up dying, because if the ball hits the very bottom of the screen, you’re done, and that’s that. After passing the previous gate, don’t go too high at first in order to prevent this.

This generally mostly applies if the gate is moving toward you. If the gate is moving away from you, then you can be a whole lot less careful and you will have a much wider opening that you can go through it with. When you get plenty of gates in a row that move away from you, you can go for speed runs fairly easily by tapping fast. Just make sure to watch where you are going.

The ads tend to get in the way of the top part of the screen, so if you want to get rid of them, all that you have to do is close the app, then put the game into Airplane mode, then reopen the app. If you want your signal back, take it out of Airplane mode and the ads will stay gone until you open the app back up again.

You can change the color of the background any time that you want. All that you have to is hit the up arrow after you lose. If you hit the up arrow the color will change, while if you hit the regular play arrow, the background will stay the same color, or will revert back to the standard blue color.

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