Double Guns (Ketchapp): Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Double Guns is a new game by Ketchapp for the iOS and Android platforms where you use two guns to shoot at various objects in order to break them apart. You can unlock different guns, bows and arrows, random slot reward items, and even new items to shoot at, while earning coins and making your way to harder and harder stages. Read on for some tips and tricks for Double Guns by Ketchapp!

You can either shoot the object that flies in the air with one gun, or with both guns – just tap on the left side of the screen for the left gun and tap on the right side of the screen for the right gun. As you get to later on in the game, though, you will HAVE to use both guns in order to keep the object even while you shoot it.

Start off the later levels tapping both the left and the right sides at once. When the object begins to drift over to the right, then only tap the right side. When it begins to drift over to the left side, tap on the left side only. Find the right balance in order to keep tough-to-kill objects balanced overhead properly.

You can use coins to spin for almost anything. Once you get 250 coins, you get a turn in the gacha. When you spin you’ll unlock either a new gun, a new bow, or a new crossbow. The performance and damage done will be the same, but the appearance will change depending on which weapon you pick.

Want to get coins quickly? There are two main ways to earn them in a level. One is to compete it, and then do the spin for coins at the end of the level, but the coins can be low or high depending on your luck. The other is to watch ad videos by going to the gun store and hitting the video button. Each video will earn you 35 coins, and as long as you have an internet connection, videos will always be available.

As more updated get added to the game, look for more guns and other objects to be added. One of the ones that’s coming soon is the SMG, and this one will have differing gameplay than the others, in that it will include automatic fire, rather than the standard semi-automatic fire that every other gun in the game incorporates at the moment.