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Down the Mountain – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Down the Mountain, by Umbrella Games, is like a cross between Crossy Road and Qbert. Your goal is to go down the mountain as far as possible while avoiding the obstacles, broken ground, bombs and bad guys that pop up everywhere and impede your progress. You can collect stars, complete missions, and unlock new hidden characters as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Down The Mountain by Umbrella Games!

The spin-to-win game is a source of a lot of goodies, such as stars or keys. If you don’t want to wait for another free spin, set the time ahead on your phone or tablet by six hours immediately after doing a spin. Once you go back to the game after doing this, then you will immediately have another free spin available to you to do. Do this cheat as many times as you want for tons of free spins.

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Stars are the currency of the game, but there is currently nothing that you can purchase with them aside from skipping a mission. There are a ton of secret characters, though. Many of them can be earned by completing missions. Usually, you will earn a secret character on every fifth mission completed. Later on it will switch to every tenth mission completed.

Stars are, though, worth a whole lot of points. If you rack up stars, you’ll easily set personal records on each stage. Don’t get so distracted by them that you forget to look down the stage, though. Look at least four or five rows below where you are at, so that you can always be planning out your next move.

The rest of the characters can be earned by opening the mystery box. You need to collect keys in order to open it. Like stars, keys can be found within stages as you drop down, but they are far less common than stars are. Look for them anywhere that you can as they are extremely valuable.

Watch out for the poison tiles as much as anything else, because often times the only path that you can go is on a poison tile. If you hit a poison tile, then you will die in about 10 seconds. Start looking down the stage for the antidote, which looks like a potion, and then hop down for it and collect it to cure yourself.