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Dr. Driving 2 – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Dr. Driving 2 is the sequel to a surprise hit from a few years ago, Dr. Driving. This game features countless driving challenges that require precision and care, like the previous one, but unlike the previous one, there’s a whole swath of new upgrades that you can do to your cars, as well as a tournament mode and even a taxi mode. You can earn gold, rubies, and car-specific currencies known as parts coupons, and use them to modify your car to your heart’s desire. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dr. Driving 2!

While speed helps, especially later on in the game, the absolute key to winning, especially in the chapter challenges, is precision. However, though, speed does still matter because most levels have a time limit, and if you don’t reach the end of the level in time, then you’ll lose. Strike a balance between speed and precision – if you turn too fast you’ll lose control and smash into a wall.

One aspect where this is game is different is that you can unlock cars by building them out of their parts. You’ll earn parts coupons for a car, and when you get enough of them, you can build a park. If you already own the car, you can swap the part in for better performance (if it’s a higher level version of the part). If you don’t own the car, you can build the car and then own it.

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Check out the daily assignments screen in the menu area if you want to figure out how to earn more coins quickly, or even how to earn some free rubies. You’ll get eleven assignments per day, each of which earns you a specific amount of coins. When you complete them all, you will earn a reward of free rubies for doing that.

Check out the options menu to see how to customize the game to your liking, as far as controls go. You’ll be able to change what side of the screen the petal is on, change what side of the car is the driving side of the car, and you can turn the sensitivity of the steering wheel up and down to fit your liking. If you tend to understeer into walls, turn the sensitivity up. If you tend to oversteer into walls, turn the sensitivity down.

In addition to upgrading individual parts on the car, now you can upgrade the entire car itself. To do so requires upgrade coupons, which are rarer than the coins that it takes to get more parts.