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Dr. Driving Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2- More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

When you have a tough mission ahead of you, sometimes, your best course of action is to go back to the missions that you find easy, and play them over and over and over again until you earn enough silver coins to buy more upgrades. Buy as many upgrades as you need in order to make it easier to beat the challenging stage. Play the easy stages over and over to upgrade your driver level quickly, as well.

Look towards the upper right corner of the screen and pay attention to which of the three arrows lights up. If you get into the lane that’s lit up, you’ll earn an immediate silver coin as a bonus. This can help to earn you very quick silver coins even if you don’t beat the stage, and is especially good to do on stages where you have a lot of time, such as the highway speed stage or the fuel efficiency stage.

One of the easiest stages to beat once you get the hang of it is the drifting stage, simply because it only takes 2 well-placed drifts or three mediocre drifts to make it work. Drifting is difficult to do, though, and takes awhile to master. The easiest way to do it is to take the turn from the outside lane so that you have a lot of room for error.

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Crank the steering wheel early, as hard as you can so that you fly sideways into the turn, then turn it back in the other direction, and as you get further into the drift, let go of the throttle and straighten yourself out. Careful not to hit any other cars or walls. Once your drift meter fills up and disappears, simply drive normally the rest of the time and try not to crash.

For missions that require you to park the car, you have to park EXACTLY in the yellow lines. When you hit the brakes the shifter will pop up and when you shift into reverse, the rear view mirror will pop up. Pay attention to both of them to make sure that you can parallel park the car correctly without hitting the curb or any of the other cars.

Get the highest possible scores on the fuel economy mission by switching back to the KOS even if you buy other cars, and keeping the fuel economy upgraded constantly. This is an easy mission for earning experience points and coins.

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