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Dragon Ball Heroes (iOS/Android) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Dragon Ball Heroes is a surprisingly popular iPhone and Android RPG. You can play as all kinds of characters in the game, most of which have no direct relation to the Dragon Ball franchise, and some of which reference other franchises (such as a clone of Michonne from The Walking Dead). You can build an absolutely huge team of fighters (up to 18 at a time), earn food, gems and other resources, and unleash ultra-powerful attacks on your enemies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dragon Ball Heroes!

Battles start off easy but after awhile they can begin to get a bit difficult. Eventually you may get to a point where you just can’t beat a level, so once you do, go back to levels that you have previously beaten. Grind them for awhile since battling alone will level up will earn experience points not only for your player level, but for the levels of all of your fighters.

Your main formation can hold 9 people at the highest unlock level, but go to your cheer section (tab over once you are in the formation area) to add nine more fighters to your party as your cheer squad. Their cheer will boost the stats of all of the active fighters.

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Use the Upgrade Skill area to get rid of some of the cards you don’t need (cards of the same color will give more skill exp). as well as advancing each of your partners. To advance a partner, you need to sacrifice an identical partner, and you can find identical partners by collecting their fragments from specific levels. You’ll have to guess at where to find them as the game won’t tell you, but hunt around and collect all of your rewards and you will find some here and there.

Look around for special events for extra prizes. Resource Wars is the earliest one that you’ll find, with more to be unlocked as you level up. Participate in an event even when you know you’ll lose; usually you will earn participation rewards whenever the event ends.

There are plenty of ways to earn free Diamonds, which are the premium currency of the game, such as completing missions and winning rewards in PvP. If you want to go into VIP mode and get those VIP rewards, then you can take your diamonds into the VIP area and spend them on one tier at a time. Each tier costs a specific amount of diamonds, ranging from the super cheap tier 1 to the higher, very expensive tiers.