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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle – How to get all of the Dragon Balls and summon Shenron

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is the new official DBZ RPG for the iOS and Android platforms, and in this game you can collect all seven of the Dragon Balls. In fact, you can collect them multiple times in order to summon Shenron. But how do you collect them? What do you get if you do? Read on in order to find out all about the Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!

When you are in the main menu area, go to the Shenron page. You will see a list of all seven of the Dragon Balls, and the ones that you have not collected will be darkened. Tap on any of the ones that you have not collected. A pop up will appear showing what level and stage they are in, so you can then go and find them.

Once you go to the stage where they are located, they will always be in the same place until you collect them. Play the level that they are on and count how many steps you have to take from the beginning in order to land on the Dragon Ball. Write the step count down, play the stage again, and try to match the step count. Writing it down helps because you might be able to land on it from a 4-6 step choice.

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Once you get all seven of them you can summon Shenron and he will grant you one of (currently) four wishes (there might be more added to the game later). After the wish is granted, the dragon balls will scatter again, and you can repeat the same process again to hunt them down.

There are currently four main available wishes and more wishes after that. If you pick “I want more allies”, then you will get 10 free Dragon Stones and 10 free inventory spaces. If you want a bunch of items, you will get 95 support items and 19 training locations. If you choose that you want a stronger team, you will get 10 more team cost points and 30 specific Awakening Medals. If you want help in battle, you get more quest inventory and you can take two copies of each support item on any mission that you go on.

You can only make each wish once, and after you make all four of the wishes, a new set of wishes will open up. You will be able to wish to make a STR character, PHY character, or an INT character stronger. After you use up all of your wishes, the Dragon Balls will stop appearing on each level until another update adds even more wishes.