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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Reroll cheat – How to auto-reroll for SSR characters

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle has a ton of characters for you to get. You can load up on common, uncommon, rare, super rare, super super rare, and even ultra rare characters. One of the best ways to cheat for more characters is to reroll, but while most have heard the term, not everybody knows what the heck it means. It’s possible to do on both the iOS and Android platform versions. Here’s how to do the reroll cheat in both the iOS and Android versions of DBZ Dokkan Battle!

First of all, you are going to have to want to get rid of your current game if you want to reroll and/or start a new game file. After you clear out all of your data and account data, the steps are a little bit different depending on what you are playing the game on. For any Android device, first, you want to find an auto-reroll file to install. Or if you want to do it manually, then play the tutorial until you beat Hercule and roll for the first time. If you don’t get what you want, instead of hitting OK, then clear the data and try again.

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If you want to use an auto reroller (such as this one), then do the same thing, except when you get to the Hercule point, beat him, then roll. If you don’t get the SSR that you want, then minimize out of the game, open a file manager, and install the reroller as instructed. The game will auto-reroll automatically, then stop when you finally get an SSR.

If you are playing on iOS, first, you need to install a good Android emulator on your PC. Then install the same auto reroller program inside of the same file directory as you otherwise would on an Android phone or tablet and do the same thing. Switch emulators if the one you have doesn’t close it automatically for every reroll.

Once you finally get the SSR on your PC emulated version of the game, then the next step is to get a device transfer code. Then install the game on your iPhone or iPad and do a device transfer in order to get it from your PC to your iOS game. After that, continue gaming as normal, but with your all new SSR character.

Otherwise, there are some trading communities around who will trade transfer codes with each other in order to get the SSRs that they want. If you want in on this, comment in the comments box below the article and try to find people who will trade with you. The next best option is to hit the Dokkan Battle subreddit or Facebook fan page to look for willing traders.