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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is the official DBZ mobile game that fans have been waiting for for a LONG, LONG time (and enduring countless counterfeit games while having to wait). This iOS and Android game is part RPG, part anime and part bubble-shooter, with pretty much every single official character from the series and more, and a storyline that gives you an excuse to use Goku, Frieza and King Kai (among others) all on the same team. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!

Battle can seem very complicated considering how long the tutorial spends explaining everything, but it boils down to the basics. Pop the bubbles that are the same color as your character to double your Ki per bubble, plus recover HP and add defense. Pop bubbles that are strong against the current enemy’s bubble color in order to do all sorts of extra damage to the enemy. The more bubbles that you pop, the better.

Rainbow bubbles will never give you a double Ki bonus, but they will match with any color bubble. Bubbles that are the same color as the one you tap or rainbow colored, and are to the side of the bubble line, will add to the “burst” score. The higher your Ki and burst scores, the more damage you’ll do when you attack.

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The most basic way to strengthen is to grind for experience, which can be done in any old or new stage (the newer the stage the more experience you get). However, upgrade your characters rapidly with training. Train characters using sacrificed characters of the same color in order to give a big experience bonus.

Make smart use of the training items as well. You need to use at least one training partner in order to use training items, so if you have to, pick a disposable card, even one of a different color if that is all you have, then pick loads of training items and you’ll still gain a huge EXP bonus. As with the training partners, if you pick one with the same color as the character that you are training, you’ll get an EXP multiplier as a bonus. Combine many same-colored training partners and training items for insane gains.

Be sure that you are always using your Dragon Stones (the premium currency of the game) to get new rare and super rare characters. Dragon Stones can be earned by completing missions. They’ll show up in the gift box. Of course, you can also purchase them if you want to. Earn friend points by adding as many friends as possible and by setting your most powerful and most highly leveled, and rarest fighter as your leader so that other players pick that card as their helper card. When you pick a helper or when they pick your leader as helper you get friend points, which, of course, can then be used for even more summons.