Dragon Bane Elite – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

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Dragon Bane Elite is an MMORPG for the iOS platform. This smash-hit game has just had its one year anniversary and unlike most iOS games which level off rather quickly, then drop in popularity, this one has remained around the top of the App Store charts, quietly hanging in there with games like Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dragon Bane Elite!

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There are seemingly a million things to do in this game, but (at least as far as quests and instances go) a quick way to go where you need to go next is to do the auto-pathfinding feature, even when you don’t need to anymore. Another way is to go to the settings mode and drop the amount of players that can be seen at a time to 10. That makes it much easier to see the people who you can actually talk to (the ones whose names are in orange text).

Forging and talent are your two main forms of upgrades (forget training as that’s just as likely to suck as it is to actually work). Your maximum level for all forges and all talents can only be as high as your character level. Even though your weapons and equipment can get extremely powerful, you still need to pay attention to their base stats, so you know what purchases to make. The higher the base stats, the higher the forged stats will be, level-for-level. It will just cost you more gold in the process.

For a newbie, it’s strongly recommended to be at a VIP level of two, at least, which requires purchasing diamonds. Free diamonds can only be had by using iTunes gift cards, whether earned via offers online or given as gifts for Christmas. A level of two will allow you to skip cooldowns on all forms of enhancement, as well as skip over battles entirely.

Auto farming is a great way to earn experience, gold, honor points and other goodies while you are offline. Auto farm the hardest instance area that you can. If you have elite or hell modes that you can beat fairly reliably, do those ones, especially because hell mode can be farmed at a much higher speed than the other two (each fight takes seconds as opposed to the usual six minutes)

Keep your inventory in check at all times even when you have little to no use for any of the items in there. Sell what you don’t need. If you are going to have a need for an item in the future, stick it in the bank. Only keep around the items that you’ll need at the immediate moment.

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