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Dragon Blaze: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Dragon Blaze is a new RPG for the iOS and Android platforms by Gamevil Inc. Truth be told, it’s been a huge hit in Asian countries for longer than it’s been out here, but only now has it just had its worldwide release. This chapter-driven, story-heavy (for the iOS at least) RPG takes you through a big, pretty-looking journey through an anime-style world loaded with quests, labyrinths and raids, where you can rack up weapons, equipment and rubies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dragon Blaze!

You will have a ton of equipment that you get throughout the game, most of it which you can’t actually use, but keep it around because as you gain allies, you will be able to use it. Once you equip an ally with a piece of equipment, you won’t be able to unequip it from them, so make sure that your main character gets the best and the allies pick second, generally. Unless it’s rare and powerful allies.

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The labyrinths allow you to use nine characters at a time instead of just five, so take advantage of this. But prepare before you go into the labyrinths. Do this by picking a secondary team of four allies, then take them onto old quests in order to level them up. Earn equipment and equip them too. Their rapport will also increase as you do this. Once they are ready, then take them into the labyrinths.

Want an easy way to get free rubies without having to pay for them? The easiest way is to go to the quests screen and complete all of the quests which give you rubies as a reward. Save them up so that you can spend them on summons later. Save 30 of them and you can summon a rare ally, while 20 of them will allow you to summon a rare piece of equipment.

When you see a number by your messages icon, that means that you have gifts there that are ready to claim. Always be sure to zero out the number and collect all of your gifts; often, you could be missing rare allies and rare pieces of equipment, and you would not even realize it.

You can sacrifice any number of characters in order to enhance a character, which increases their base stats. Once a character is fully enhanced, you can combine them in order to make a new, far more powerful character. Enhancing to the full level takes awhile as the chance of a failed enhancement increases each time.