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Dragon Hills – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Dragon Hills is a new iOS and Android game that lets you play as a dragon whose goal is to simply cause the most havoc and destruction that you possibly can. You can wreck the countryside, destroy houses and trees, and send rocks sailing after your enemies to smash them. You just have to avoid the lava and obstacles that can kill you, but the coins that you earn will allow you to purchase upgrades to deal with that. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dragon Hills!

Your dragon moves on its own, and if you don’t touch anything it will stay above ground. Tap and hold the screen in order to dive underground. Let go of the screen and your dragon will come flying back up. A short enough tap when you’re midair can allow you to simply drop back to the ground more quickly, and if you let go before you hit the ground, you won’t dive under.

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Free coins are easy to get in this game. In addition to what you earn in the game itself, go to the upgrade menu, move over to the far right icon (the dollar sign icon) and you will be able to earn free coins for liking the game on Facebook, following on Twitter or subscribing on YouTube. Even if you just tap the buttons and don’t follow through, you still get the free coins.

The boss fights are the toughest part of the game, because they can kill you almost as quickly as the lava lakes can. In the boss fights it’s especially important to make sure to hit every destructible obstacle that you can, so that you can shoot rocks at the bosses and do damage to them. Eat sheep to speed up so that you can swipe them with your sword.

The armor upgrade is the most important one, so that you can take multiple hits before dying. Beyond that, the sword swipe can be upgraded to make it more powerful. Unlock things such as the freeze blast, comet shower, the giant black dragon and more for even more weapons to use against increasingly tougher enemies.

The farther that you go in the game, the easier it becomes to collect coins. Look for huge clusters of coins to appear out of nowhere. If you set distance records, you will earn free coins as a reward as well.