Dragon Story for iPhone: How to get free gold and food

Dragon Story is a new dragon raising game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. It’s more of a zoo or pet game than a Pokemon style game, though, as you don’t battle the dragons – you simply try to raise dragons up from little dragons to big majestic dragons, and breed or collect the rarest, most beautiful, strangest dragons that you can find! You can expand your dragon island as well, building more habitats to put your dragons in and more buildings such as farms and breeding places. Gold is the premium currency, which you can use to buy products and dragons that you normally couldn’t with just coins, and food is what you use to grow your dragons and help them gain levels. Read on for how to get more of both of them!

There are is one way to get free gold in this game, and that is to complete any missions that pop up which offer free gold as an award. Most of them will offer coins and experience, but every so often one will pop up that offers you free gold for finishing the mission. Just finish the mission and you will be credited immediately.

That is the only way to get free gold, but you can also buy gold through the iTunes store. Simply click on the “plus” sign next to the gold counter, and you will be able to choose your gold package to buy.

Get more food by not just growing crops at a farm, but by building the maximum amount of farms that you possibly can and then growing your food on all of those farms. The maximum number of farms that you can have increases every few level ups. Once you hit level 7 you can buy a Large Farm, which lets you grow far more food at a time. Once you have that, sell all of your current farms and replace them with large farms.

Also, many of the quests that you can complete, give you food as a reward. Complete these quests for some quick, free, extra food.

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