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Dragon Story: New Dawn for iOS – how to get the Diamond Dragon, Light Dragon and other rare dragons

In Dragon Story: New Dawn, there are a number of rare dragons that you can get besides your usual hybrids of red, blue, yellow and green dragon types. The Magic Dragon is a purple dragon, the Diamond Dragon is its own type, and the all new Light Dragon is a white type of dragon. It is not immediately obvious how to get them, but the method is actually fairly simple, if not easy. Read on to find out how to get the rarest of the rare dragons!

The diamond dragon can be had beginning at level 10, but not before that, because level 10 is when you unlock the Diamond Fields habitat. Once you do, start making use of your breeding grounds. In order to breed the Diamond Dragon, you need to breed two hybrid dragons that combined, make up all four types of dragons. For example, one dragon can be a fire and air hybrid, the other a forest and water hybrid, or one can be a fire and water, the other forest and air types. It doesn’t matter which dragons or whether they are on the left or right sides, as long as they encompass all four types.

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Even then, it’s a completely random crapshoot as to whether they breed a diamond egg or some random hybrid egg. The way you will know if it worked is by tapping the breeding den while they are still in it and seeing how long it will take to finish. If the time left is a ridiculously long amount of time, then you got the diamond dragon. If it’s a shorter amount, then you got some other hybrid.

To get the Light Dragon, first, reach level 17 in the game. Once you do, you will unlock both the Light Dragon and the white meadow. Once they are unlocked, you will be able to buy the Light Dragon in the store for coins, without having to spend gold, just like one of your other normal basic dragons (but more expensive).

To get the purple dragon, you need to unlock the Purple Plains habitat first. Once you do, go to the breeding den and breed a water dragon and a fire dragon together. You have a 50/50 shot at getting a purple dragon from this (the other option being the Athletic Dragon). Once you do, place it in the habitat. Once you have any of these three rare dragons, start breeding them with all of your other dragons to make rare exotic hybrids!


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