Dragons of Atlantis – Heirs of the Dragon: Defense Guide – How to defend your base

By | 20130810

Once your beginner protection wears off in Dragons of Atlantis – Heirs of the Dragon, look for the attacks to start coming swiftly and furiously, especially if you are in a highly-populated realm. In realms with lower populations, you can get away without getting attacked for a bit, but it won’t be long before the traffic rolls in and you start getting targeted a little bit more frequently. Read on to find out how to keep from losing battles and getting attacked in Dragons of Atlantis – Heirs of the Dragon!

Just as with attacking other players, defense is a numbers game. To put it simply: Work towards unlocking the advanced troops, and train large numbers of troops. The more and better troops that you have, the better you’ll fare in battles. If you need time to build your troops up, go to the Wall and set your defense to “Evade”. You will lose more resources this way, but your troops will sit out of battles, meaning they will not die, so using evade mode is an easy way to build up your troop numbers.

Unlock your Great Dragon as soon as possible, as well. Upgrade your Dragon’s Keep and get better and better dragon armor by defeating Grodz or buying it in the store, in order to strengthen your dragon as much as possible.

Upgrade the Wall in order to increase defensive bonuses per troop that you have. Upgrade your Sentinel in order to better detect when you have an impending attack or when someone has spied on you. Use your various researches that upgrade troop life, attack and defense, to strengthen your entire army, and send your troops on frequent attack missions so that your generals can gain some easy levels.

Join an Alliance as soon as you can. You can request reinforcements from them, or you can request resources from them if you need to build up your own troops. Make sure to send reinforcements and resources as well. Pay back good with good.

Finally, upgrade your Storage Vault to high levels in order to protect your resources from getting stolen by other players. You can’t protect your gold, but you can protect your food, wood, stone and metals. For each level that you add to your Storage Vault, you’ll be able to hide an extra 50,000 of each resource from other players.