Dragons of Atlantis – Heirs of the Dragon: Get more Gold and Rubies

By | 20130809

In Dragons of Atlantis – Heirs of the Dragon, there are two main forms of currency, aside from the four resources (Wood, Stone, Metal and Food). Gold is the main type of currency, and is primarily used in research, upgrading buildings and paying your generals. Rubies are the premium currency, and can be used to buy buffs, to speed up any and all of your training (or even to buy another slot), and to buy protection for your city. Read on for the WriterParty guide on how to get more of both of them!

Gold is fairly easy to get more of. One of the top ways to get more of it is to complete quests. Research quests in particular are great ways to earn gold (researching some new technology in the Science Center), but most quests will earn you some forms of gold as a reward for completing them. You have to claim the reward before it is entered into your inventory.

You can get gold by having more residents in your city, and by taxing them higher. Increasing the taxes in your city can be done using the Fortress, but use it sparingly, because you might cause their happiness to decrease. Instead, go for upgrading your homes and building new homes. This gets you more residents in your city.

The more of those residents stay unoccupied and/or without work, the more gold you’ll earn per hour. Once you upgrade your resources or train troops, your list of unemployed residents drops, and once you have negative residents, you’ll be spending more gold than you earn, so keep upgrading your houses.

Attack other players and Anthropus Camps, as well, in order to earn gold (which, btw, you only earn if you are victorious). Generally, the higher the level of the player or Anthropus Camp the more you earn, although you’ll have to use your spies to confirm the exact amount of gold they each have.

For Rubies, unfortunately, the only way to earn them is by buying them. However, if you register a Kabam account you will earn 25 free rubies, with a potential chance for more free rubies during giveaways and other events.