Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon – How to unlock every troop type from the Garrison

By | 20130808

Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon is a game where you have to get tough fast or you’ll get run over. This, of course, entails having the strongest army as possible. You can’t have a strong army without more troops than just the conscripts and the porters, but unlocking them is a pain and is often as mystery as well. Read on to find out how to unlock every single type of troop from the Garrison!

Initially, you have only the conscripts when you build a level 1 Garrison. Porters, which are the first transport unit and which carry large amounts of resources, can be unlocked by upgrading said Garrison to level 2. Spies can be unlocked by researching Level 1 Clairvoyance in the Science Center and upgrading the Garrison to level 4. Halberdiers, which are your first “real” troop, are unlocked by researching Metallurgy and having a Level 4 Garrison.

Minotaurs are unlocked with researching Metallurgy, as well as having a level 2 Metalsmith and upgrading your Garrison to Level 6. Longbowmen are unlocked by researching Weapons Calibration and having your Garrison upgraded to Level 8. Swift Strike Dragons, which are the first very strong troop that you’ll get, require Level 2 Dragonry to be researched as well as level 1 Rapid Deployment, in addition to having a level 2 Rookery (though level 4 is required for Dragonry) and a level 10 Garrison.

Battle Dragons are unlocked by researching Rapid Deployment all the way to level 5, and researching Dragonry to level 3. In addition, you’ll need a level 10 Rookery and Metalsmith and a level 14 Garrison. Armored Transports are unlcoked by having Level 3 Levitation researched, as well as a level 6 Factory and a level 12 Garrison.

To unlock Giants, you need to have researched Level 8 Metallurgy and Level 3 Clairvoyance, as well as to have a Level 18 Garrison, a Level 10 Metalsmith and a level 14 Factory. In order to unlock the extremely powerful Fire Mirrors, you need Level 10 Metallurgy and Weapons Calibration, a level 20 Garrison, a level 14 Metalsmith and a level 18 Factory.

While having multiple Garrisons speeds up troop training, you can only speed up all of the troops if you have multiple garrisons at each level that is required for the troops. For example, since Minotaurs require a level 8 Garrison, you’ll need to have multiple level 8 Garrisons in order to speed up the training of Minotaurs.