Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2 – More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

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Unlock the ability to use the Great Dragon in Battles by defeating all 10 Grodz Bases in the campaign mode, so that you can earn the dragon armor. You’ll also have to have your Dragon’s Keep upgraded to at least Level 8. Once you have all of this done, though, your dragon will add major power to your attack and defense efforts, making it easy to attack others players and Anthropus Camps.

Unlock every single type of troop as quickly as possible, not only to make it possible to unlock the Great Dragon but also to ward off attacks from other players, and to dominate both the other players and the high level Anthropus Camps when you attack them. Battle Dragons, Giants and Fire Mirrors are required to be strong enough to defeat all ten of the Grodz camps, and they are so much more powerful than all of your other troops that they’ll make battles a lopsided affair.

All three of those troops take forever to unlock though, so until then, train as many Swift Strike Dragons as possible, building and upgrading more Garrisons and upgrading your Rookery in order to speed up the training. Swift Strike Dragons alone can dominate in high enough numbers (along with a healthy helping of Minotaurs to absorb damage).

For an instant population boost, go to the fortress and decrease the taxes. Your population goes up as your taxes go down and vice versa, so this is a good way to get more bodies that you can then train into troops. This is especially helpful once you start training Swift Strike Dragons and higher, since they cost more than 1 of your population apiece.

Even if you already have the maximum amount of wilds in your possession, attack other wilds anyways whenever you need to refill one of your resources other than food. Anthropus Camps usually contain massive amounts of food, fairly large quantities of wood and miniscule amounts of stone and metals, so attacking hills and mountains is your best bet.

If you want to quickly find an alliance to join that will actually respond to your request, look for one that someone is promoting in the global chat. Search them up and send a join request and they’ll be far more likely to respond to your request quickly.

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