Dragons of Atlantis – Heirs of the Dragon: Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide part 2

By | 20130815

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After the short tutorial ends, you’ll have to rely on the quests in the game for guidance on what to do. The quests are an excellent way to figure out what to do next as nearly everything that they have you do will earn you lots of wood, food, stone, gold and metal, while they involve doing things that help you along (such as building and upgrading buildings or training troops).

Training troops is where you start to figure out the core of the game. You start off with Conscripts which are weak troops, but you can unlock many more troops with a combination of upgrading your Garrison, building and upgrading troop-specific buildings, and researching new technologies. Each troop has a number of statistics, such as health, defense, melee or ranged damage, speed, range and load (the amount of resources that they can carry per raid).

Your attack troops are your Conscripts, Halberdiers, Minotaurs, Longbowmen, Swift Strike Dragons, Battle Dragons, Giants and Fire Mirrors. Your carrier troops are the Porters and the Armored Transports. Spies, of course, are the spy troops (their abilities can be upgraded via Clairvoyance). Spying on an opponent before you battle them is the key to figuring out what troops they have, how many of each troop, and how many resources. Winning battles is ultimately a numbers game – it’s about who has the better stats.

Speaking of dragons, in your Dragon’s Keep you have your Great Dragon; however, s/he cannot be used in battle until the keep is upgraded to Level 8 and your dragon is fully armored. However, even before Level 8 and before you get any armor (whether you get it by buying it with Rubies or by earning it), your dragon automatically participates in defending your city whenever you are attacked, so even before you get all of your armor, keep upgrading your dragon for better defense.

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