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Dragons of Atlantis – Heirs of the Dragon: Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide part 3

Welcome to part three of the Dragons of Atlantis – Heirs of the Dragon beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part two of the guide.

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We have already talked a lot about battles, but there are multiple types of battles. When another player attacks you, as had been gone over in part two of the guide, that’s one type of battle. Your troops can either participate or hide from battle depending on whether you set your Wall to “defend” or “evade”. Evade is a good way to build up your troops, because if they are lost in battle, they are lost for good.

You can attack Anthropus camps and wilds. Wilds can be occupied in order to increase the hourly income of one of your resources per wild, and when you have occupied the maximum amount of wilds, you can still raid them for one specific type of resource. Anthropus camps can be attacked, but level by level, they are stronger than the wilds, and they mostly provide food, wood and gold, with very little stone or metals coming from them. They are computer controlled, and each one of them has the same amount of power per level.

Players can be attacked if they don’t have the big white bubble around them (which signifies that they are under beginner protection). Attack them and you can raid their resources and kill their troops. You can use their power level to see what you’re generally up against, but if your power levels are fairly similar, scout their troops to make sure you aren’t going up against a lopsidedly large army.

Finally, there are the Grodz Bases. You can get to them by going to the quests menu and tabbing over to the tab on the right, which is the Campaigns tab. There are ten total bases, with the first two being massively weak, yet the bases growing increasingly stronger as you go, with the 9th and 10th bases having ridiculously strong armies. Once you beat all ten of the Grodz battles, you will earn the Dragon Armor, which will allow you to finally use your Dragon in battle.

Check the “Reports” section of your mail tab for a report every time you spy on someone, you are spied upon, or you engage in a battle. You’ll be able to see whether you are victorious or whether you lost, how many troops each side lost, and how many resources you gained, as well as how many experience points your General earned.

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