Dragons of Atlantis – Heirs of the Dragon: Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

By | 20130814

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Dragons of Atlantis – Heirs of the Dragon! Kabam’s newest title has swiftly become one of the top MMO strategy games for the iPhone and other iOS devices. Dragons of Atlantis – Heirs of the Dragon is not the same as the original browser and Facebook game Dragons of Atlantis – instead, it’s a sequel, one which allows you to use the dragon instantly, rather than having to wait around for an egg to hatch.

The game starts you off with a very short tutorial. During this time, you will be in beginner protection mode which means that you cannot be attacked, but you can’t attack other players. This is the perfect opportunity to start building your kingdom up. You’ll be able to build homes in order to increase your population, farms to increase your hourly food gain, lumbermills in order to earn wood, quarries in order to earn stone and mines in order to earn metal.

The more of them that you build, the higher your hourly income. You can upgrade them, as well, in order to increase the hourly income. Each build and upgrade takes time to complete; however, they can be completed early using speed ups. Plus, there’s gold, which will be earned by your idle population (those who are not currently working in a resource building or as a troop).

In the main city area, your Fortress is your main center of operations. From here, you can increase or decrease your tax rate (which changes your city’s hourly gold income, as well as inversely affecting their population and their happiness) and check out the stats of your buildings. Every time that you upgrade the Fortress you’ll unlock more resource building spots, among other things.

Other important buildings include the Garrison, where you train your troops, and the Science Center, where you can research new technologies. Multiple other buildings such as the Rookery, the Factory and the Metalsmith exist for the sole purpose of unlocking new troops, while the Warehouse allows you to keep resources safe from attackers. Each level that you upgrade the Warehouse to adds 50,000 to each resource that can be protected (except for Gold, which is never protected).

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