Dragon Realms (iOS/Android): How to get more gold and gems

Dragon Realms is the latest from the GREE Funzio line of medium-core strategy RPGs that began with Crime City. This game puts you in a fantasy setting and even adds a little bit of card collection style team-building added in as well for an extra element of strategy. There are two main kinds of currencies in the game. Gold is the primary currency, which is used to buy the basics, while Gems are the very rare, premium currency of the game that is mostly a product of in app purchases. Read on to find out how to get more of both of these!

Your city is your main location for earning gold. You can put buildings into your city, then go back and collect gold from them later. One of the best places for you to earn gold from is the Magic Academy, which is already built when you go to your city. This earns 500 gold every hour, but upgrading it (and any other building that you build) turns it into a goldmine for not much money spent.

Upgrading pretty much any building, in fact, will crank up the income for a minimum amount of gold spent. A level 1 farm will earn you 10 gold every half an hour. At level two it will improve to 20 gold, then 35 gold at level 3, then 50 gold at level 4, then 80 gold every half an hour at level five. That’s only one example. The most economical option for turning your town into a goldmine is almost always to build your starter buildings and upgrade the hell out of them rather than buying the big expensive buildings that you unlock later on in the game.

Every time you defeat an adversary or a building on the map you’ll earn gold, but if you hit them and don’t kill them, that’s just wasted energy, so max out your team’s attack power via evolution and level ups. The higher the attack power, the more likely that you’ll kill the enemy in one shot, thereby multiplying the gold you can earn per energy that you spend.

Power up your team even more so that you can beat them in battle. This will also earn you gold if you win, but if you get beaten by another player, you will lose gold, so make sure that your defense is equally powered up.

There is only one known way to get more gems in the game, and that is to buy them in the in-app purchase store. In the future, more ways might be added, such as a boost building that is extremely expensive, but earns you something to the tune of five gems a day, or something little like that.