Dragons World – How to add neighbors, find friends, and send and receive gifts

One of the most popular components of Dragon World is the social component. You can add people to your buddy list via Game Center or Facebook, and from there you will be able to visit each other’s islands, send and receive gifts, and potentially even challenge each other in battle (this isn’t something that can be done yet, but don’t be surprised if they add it into the game at some point). Read on for a guide on the social component of Dragons World!

First, to take advantage of any of the social components at all, you need to connect the game to Facebook. You can get there by tapping the social button (which looks like three silhouettes of a person standing right behind each other – it’s the button above the store tab). Doing this is in your best interest even if you don’t plan to use the social component, considering you get 5 crystals for free when you log onto Facebook.

Being as the game is so new, you likely won’t have any friends who play the game yet, but the ones who do, will show up on your “list of friends” list. You can invite anyone who doesn’t play, or if you don’t want to bug anyone you know, go look for someone to add who plays the game. Good places to look include the App Store’s review page, as well as the official (or unofficial) Facebook pages for the game. You can even post your info in the comment section of this article, or find someone else who already has done just that.

Once you find someone to add, go to the list of friends and you can check out their islands, as well as send gifts. Plus, if you go to the end of your friends list, you’ll see a button called “Random Island”. Go here and some stranger’s island will pop up for you to check out. Currently, this is disabled; however, expect it in a future update of the game.

Friends from Game Center can be added too, but not directly through the social screen. For this, you have to go into Game Center itself and send friend requests. Then, you can send free gifts and receive free gifts from them, just like with your Facebook friends.