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Dragons World – Dragon Breeding Guide, Part 2: More on how to breed any dragon in the game

As you may already know, you won’t earn the dragons listed above or below 100% of the time. The ones which happen to be the only available combination for their mix will come up 100 percent of the time, but the ones that are multiples of the same mix (such as Grass Dragon and Fruit Dragon, which are both a combination of Nature and Ground type) won’t pop up every time. Some dragons, also, are much more rare than others, meaning that they won’t appear as often.

Without further ado, here are the rest of the dragon types that can either be bred in the breeding area, or purchased in the store if you have enough Crystals to do so:
Sun Dragon = Light Dragon and Fire Dragon
Diamond Dragon = Light Dragon and Ground Dragon
Petal Dragon = Light Dragon and Nature Dragon
Herbivore Dragon = Ground, Nature and Light (any combination of the three – for example, a Ground Dragon and a Petal Dragon)

Rainbow Dragon = Water Dragon and Light Dragon
Seaweed Dragon = Water Dragon and Light Dragon
Lightning Dragon = Light Dragon and Air Dragon
Light Magic Dragon = Light Dragon and Magic Dragon
Fairy Dragon = Light Dragon and Magic Dragon
Gladiator dragon = Light, Magic and Air (any combo of the three)

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Ash Dragon = Fire Dragon and Twilight Dragon
Gorge Dragon = Earth, Nature and Twilight (any combo)
Deep Sea Dragon = Earth, Water and Twilight
Aztec Dragon = Fire, Earth, Twilight, Nature (whatever combination you can figure out)
Sapphire Dragon = Ground Dragon and Twilight Dragon

Mushroom Dragon = Twilight Dragon and Nature Dragon
Sea Dragon = Twilight Dragon and Water dragon
Night Dragon = Air Dragon and Twilight Dragon
Full Moon Dragon = Light Dragon and Twilight Dragon
Black Magic Dragon = Magic Dragon and Night Dragon

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