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Dragons World – Dragon Breeding Guide, Part 3

Pangolin Dragon: Fire, Nature, Water, Magic

You can use a little breeding trick to get any base dragon (non hybrid) that you want for free, quickly, without having to spend any gold on them. Simply stick two of the same base dragon in the breeding area at the same time to replicate it (such as an Earth Dragon with an Earth Dragon to get a free Earth Dragon). The same is true if you want to clone a two-element hybrid easily and you already have two of that same two-element hybrid. Three-element hybrids and four-element hybrids, rare as they are, are going to be more hit and miss.

Examples of the above include:
Nature + Nature = Nature Dragon
Fire + Fire = Fire Dragon
Air + Air = Air Dragon
Earth + Earth = Earth Dragon
Water + Water = Water Dragon
Light + Light = Light Dragon
Twilight + Twilight = Twilight Dragon
Magic + Magic = Magic Dragon

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Expect more dragon combinations to be added by the developers as this game gets older, because clearly, there is still a ways to go in filling out all of the possible element combinations. Maybe if you go far enough, you’ll even be able to find the elusive King Dragon!

Breeding dragons that contain opposing elements can be EXTREMELY tough. An example of this would be the Steam Dragon, which contains both the fire and water elements. Another example is the rock dragon, which is a combination of earth and air. The game will stop you from breeding opposing element dragons; however, if one of the dragons is a hybrid, you can still breed them, meaning that you can breed a Lava and Water dragon, or a River Dragon and an Air Dragon. That’s the only way to breed opposing-element dragons.

Also, the best way to load up on rare, opposing element dragons is to breed two of them, then send the two of them into the breeding area with each other. That, just like the above list of dragon clones/duplicates, will allow you to rapidly clone your rare dragons.

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