Dragons World – Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 3: Even More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

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Welcome to part three of the Dragons World tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part two of the guide.

As you keep gaining levels, you will keep unlocking new buildings. Beforehand, you won’t be able to tell what the buildings do. Afterwards, though, tap the “i” button for information. The Magic Lab will allow you to release any dragon that’s at level 10 or above back into its natural habitat. This will earn you elemental essences. Elemental essences will be necessary in the future for the construction of new buildings and of new islands, but the buildings and islands that require it, won’t unlock until after a large number of experience gains.

Another building you can unlock in the future is the Training Ground. The Training Ground allows you to train your dragons, which will then unlock new moves that you can use in battle. This is one of the keys to winning the toughest of the dragon battles; however, typically, the solution to that is far more simple.

If you want to win almost every dragon battle you will ever come across, simply get a rare dragon and then breed it to level ten or above. Your dragons’ power increases on a parabolic curve, meaning the higher their levels, the more their statistics will increase every time you level them up. One level 12-15 dragon should be enough to destroy absolutely anybody.

Also, for battling, keep in mind which elements are strongest against which. Water beats fire. Fire beats air. Air beats ground. Ground beats nature. Nature beats water. The other circle is magic beats light, light beats twilight, and twilight beats magic. Other types will be neutral against each other. This should only really be necessary in the toughest of tough battles.

Wanna breed the king dragon? The game will keep hinting and hinting at it, but you need to complete an INSANE amount of quests in order to unlock the ability. Keep gaining experience and building more habitats (and more islands as needed) in order to eventually finally unlock the King Dragon in breeding.

Get rid of dragons you don’t want or need anymore if you are running out of space to put dragons, but you want to keep breeding more and more rare and hybrid dragons. Also, the “amplifier” buildings will enhance the gold earnings of the specified dragon type by 10%, and the opposing type will be decreased by 10%; however, don’t bother buying them unless it’s for a quest because they are currently so expensive as to be almost entirely worthless.

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