Dragons World – Top 12 Tips, Tricks and Cheats, Part 2

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Welcome to the top six tips and tricks for Dragons World! Click here to go back to part one of the top twelve tips and tricks for the game!

6) Buy and sell decorations over and over to earn experience points extremely quickly.
The best decoration to do this with is the large tree, since it earns you 2,000 experience for spending 2,000 gold (most other decorations will earn you 1 experience for every 2 gold that you spend). Buy and sell ’em over and over to gain levels quickly so that you can unlock new buildings and other goodies.

5) Level up your dragons to earn huge amounts of gold.
Leveling up your dragons is good for more than just being strong in battle. Each level that they gain also increases their hourly gold-earning abilities. Invest gold in food, then invest food in leveling your dragons, and you’ll make back your gold investments very quickly.

4) Not getting that rare dragon that you want? Keep trying, because breeding is a game of chance.
Breeding a three-type dragon or a four-type dragon is a game of chance. Any combination of the three (or four) breeding types will work as long as you just keep trying. You’ll know if the breed was successful because it will take far longer for the dragons to breed and for the egg to hatch.

3) Take advantage of very opportunity to earn free gems.
Opportunities abound in this game. You can earn free gems by clearing out elemental obstacles (the ones which require three level 5 dragons of a certain type), by opening the elemental chest, by completing achievements, or with some of the quests.

2) Take advantage of the buildings that you can unlock later in the game.
Such buildings include the dragon resort, the magic lab and the training ground. The training ground, for example, allows you to teach your dragons new battle skills, which gives them a huge advantage in battle. The magic lab allows you to trade level 10+ dragons for elemental essences which help you unlock new and rare buildings and islands.

1) Keep leveling up and building more dragon habitats (and completing the associated quests) to unlock the King Dragon.
You can’t breed the King Dragon before you do that, but gaining levels will unlock more max dragon habitats, and maxing out your dragon habitats (and collecting the right amount of gold) will complete the quests that lead to the unlocking of the King Dragon. Eventually, he will finally be unlocked.

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