Dragons World – Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide, Part 2

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Welcome to part two of the Dragons World beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part one of the guide.

Hybrid dragons can come in two, three, or four elements. Any combination of elements has a chance of working in the breeding zone (for example, a Lava Dragon and a Nature Dragon has a chance at breeding a Predatory Dragon, which is nature, fire and earth). However, the more elements you are trying to breed together, the slimmer chance that the breed has of being successful. Instead, you might end up with a mix of two elements out of the three. So the key to the breeding area is to try, try again.

Not all of the hybrid dragons can be used in battle, either. To find out if dragons can be used in battle, go to the store and find the specific dragon. If there is a sword by the picture, under the “i” information button, then the dragon can be used in battle; otherwise, the dragon’s not available to battle.

Battling is done under the “battle” menu. You have three battle energy at a time, and each one takes half an hour to recover after you use it. You’ll battle against another player, and your dragons and their dragons (up to three dragons per team) will trade blows until one or the other is victorious. In the lower left hand corner of the battle screen is the element strength icon, which displays which elements are strong or weak against which other elements.

Once you beat all of the players in one league, you’ll earn a reward of crystals. Then, you’ll be able to go against a new league of much tougher players. You can keep repeating this process, but you’ll need more powerful dragons in order to do so, which is where feeding them comes in.

Feeding dragons is done by first using your greenhouses to collect food, then using the food to feed your dragons. Tap on the habitat, then the dragon’s icon, then hit the “feed” button four times to improve it to the next level. Every three levels, you’ll earn a bonus perk of your choice, such as a free level, faster gold earnings, faster clearing speeds, or others. Also, every added experience level increases your dragon’s battle stats and the amount of gold that your dragon earns per hour.

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