Dragons World – How to win without spending any money, Part 2

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Welcome to part two of how to win without spending any money in Dragons World! Click here to go back to part 1 of the same guide.

As previously mentioned, you use food to feed your dragons so that they earn you more gold. Maximize the number of greenhouses in order to earn more food. Run long-term jobs such as mushrooms as much as possible, and when finances allow (and after you hit level 12), upgrade to the large greenhouses so that you can run longer term jobs and grow more food.

Also, use quests to earn experience, coins, crystals and food. Achievements will earn you all of these except for the food, as well. Always check both lists to see what you need. Oh, and if you have Facebook friends who play the game, send them gifts and try to solicit gifts out of them so that you can earn even more gold, crystals and food for free.

You can earn a ton of experience points without having to waste any gold on expensive items. Simply buy the large tree, sell it, and then repeat the same thing over and over. Each time you plant a large tree, you earn 2,000 experience points, and it’s the most cost-effective decoration to do this trick with, since it costs only 1 gold per experience point. When you sell it (or any other decoration), you’ll earn back half the gold that you spent on it.

Win battles in order to win free crystals. Your hybrid dragons will usually be your best fighters, so pick a battle-enabled hybrid dragon, level it up to at least level 8 (and eventually to level ten and above), and it will be nearly invincible in battle. Three level 10 dragons should be enough to defeat almost any of the dragon leagues. If you want to better your chances of winning even further, then unlock and build the training ground by reaching level 12 and train your dragons with it.

You can do anything that you normally do in this game without spending any money. It will just take a little bit longer than it would have if you had spent money, but there is nothing that is premium-only in this game.

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