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DragonSoul RPG – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

DragonSoul RPG (or just DragonSoul) is a hilarious new RPG by Perblue Inc. This game is practically a meme factory in and of itself, with characters such as BroZerker and Centaur of Attention serving as the heroes in this game. Your goal is to defeat the evil dragon Umlaut and rescue everybody that he’s trapped inside of SoulStones. Read on for some tips and tricks for DragonSoul!

This game has a leveling system for all of your heroes, so if you like grinding, you can grind for as many level as you want as long as you have the energy to do so. Starting at player level 8, you’ll be able to upgrade their special skills too. The special skills max out at your character levels, and your character levels max out at your current player level.

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After every battle, check the equipment that you just won to see what can now be equipped on your characters. Equip everything that you can, and when a character has all six equipment slots filled, you can then promote them, which causes all of their equipment to disappear, makes them FAR more powerful, and gives them new equipment slots to equip as well as new special powers.

Figuring out where to find the equipment or the soulstones for a character is extremely easy. Open their profile and tap on the slot where their equipment would go, or tap on the character who is not yet unlocked, and the informational pop up will tell you exactly what chapter/level to go to in order to find either the required soulstones or the required equipment. To find soulstones for a character that you already have, open their profile and tap the “plus” button next to the Evolve button, and you’ll see all of the Soulstone locations.

After you three-star a replayable level, you can go back and raid it at any time as long as you have raid tickets left for the day. This allows you to beat the level instantly, get the same prizes and gain the same experience points as you would if you had played it all the way through. You can also earn more of them as you progress through the campaign mode.

Organize your team so that your tanks are in front. Your tanks have the highest health and defense, so they will take the brunt of the damage. Your attack team should be in the middle, while your support team (those whose powers boost your team or heal your team) and control team (those whose powers nerf or poison enemies) should be in the back as they are often the weakest on your team.